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Experience the difference while you embark on a journey into the real flavours of india which, we believe, is the meeting point of quality, standard and fine food, coupled with excellent service. We believe in the age-old Indian saying "atithi devo bhava", meaning "the guest is your God". Let us welcome you to Spice Route and help you enjoy our food and hospitality.

Spice route is an exciting and well-established restaurant in the historic town of Windsor, which was founded by former tv presenter and a world award-winning cookery writer, Mridula Baljekar in December 2001.

Inspired by the spice lands of Asia, especially her native India, Mridula created Spice Route where understanding the use of spices and adapting them to suit various taste buds played the central role. Traditional Indian dishes with brilliant contemporary twists were created without losing sight of the original tastes and flavours. This concept proved highly successful for Mridula, and although she has now moved on to pursue her media career, the present owners of Spice Route are following this tradition and satisfying the palates of today's discerning diners.

A professional head chef, trained in India, leads a strong team in the kitchen where attention to detail is unparallel. Outstanding food, with a carefully selected wine list, makes your dining experience in Spice Route an occasion to remember.

At Spice Route, we pride ourselves in sourcing fine quality local produce and our spices are freshly prepared by the chefs on a daily basis. Unique blends of spices created for different types of premium cooking sauces to suit poultry, meat, fish and vegetables are what make our food so deliciously different. Our passion for good food and service will never disappoint you.

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Spice Route - Spices